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Hey folks, I'm
Orji Michael a Programmer Full Stack

Building a successful product is a challenge. I'm an energetic individual and you can trust me with the task.

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Things I have developed



Computer Engineering InternshipiPlan Tech

Learnt multiple skills including identifying parts of a computer and replacing/fixing them if necessary; installing and troubleshooting vast amounts of computer software, including operating systems; top notch customer service and how to have great customer relationships; marketing skills, secrets and strategies of the computer trade.


Creative Writing and Tutoring

Educated my followers on Computer Engineering topics, using a blog and my social media accounts and also Tutored many people in programming.


Fullstack Developer

Built numerous software, both frontend and backend. Including desktop apps, android apps, and numerous websites.

Educations and Skills


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and BootstrapAptech, Enugu

Learnt multiple web development skills, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL


Android App DevelopmentGoogle Docs

Learnt how to build android apps with Android Studio through Multiple resources, most especially Google Docs, then built two android apps with it.


JavaMosh Hamedani

Learnt the fundamentals of the java programming language under a famous youtube instructor named Mosh Hamedani.


WxwidgetsCross Platform GUI programming with Wxwidgets by Julian Smart

Studied wxwidgets with above referenced material and built a GPA calculator for windows desktop.


C++Bucky Roberts

Learnt the basics of C++ under a Youtube instructor named Bucky Roberts.

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